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Energy Savings Comparison

See how much energy (and money) you’ll save!

All right, it’s time for a little side-by-side comparison. This one will pit the standard T8 4-foot florescent tube, which is made with glass and mercury* against our far superior and Eco-friendly Osram Sylvania SubstiTUBE™ IPS LED T8 replacement tube.

*Mercury is very dangerous for our fragile environment, and speaking of fragile, you must handle the delicate traditional fluorescent glass tubes with great care, lest you break them and get all that awful white powder and glass fragments spread far and wide!

This comes out to about $40 per year for each lamp.

However, our Osram Sylvania SubstiTUBE™ IPS LED T8 Replacement Tube uses only 12.5 watts – 20 watts less for each lamp. An incredible 60% savings!

Which translates to saving a whopping $25 per year for each T8 tube. Count up how many T8 tubes you have in use and you’ll arrive at your total savings by advancing to LED technology. Amazing!

And we still haven’t talked about the much-lower costs of using LEDs instead of traditional lighting!

Here’s a hypothetical cost-over-time chart, assuming an initial startup cost of about a thousand dollars for this installation, and a usage period of eight years. The initial investment in LED technology is slightly higher, but after that you’re only paying for electricity; as incandescent costs far more to use, and the bulbs need to be replaced. LEDs last practically forever versus traditional incandescent bulbs. And don’t forget to add in the labor to replace all those burned-out incandescent bulbs. Just take a look for yourself!








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